Walter Awlson is perhaps best known for his beautifully designed and crafted ceramic sculptures, and it was in this respect that, 3 years ago, we first visited him at his Alloa studios. There however, we discovered his accomplished figure drawing and painting, when we saw a number of his finished and framed oil paintings stacked against a wall awaiting collection by another gallery. The paintings were to say the least, stunning.

Since then, we have been patiently waiting for a time that suited both our diaries when Walter could exhibit his paintings with us – and now that time has arrived.

Walter’s work is based on the traditional values of observation and draftsmanship. His paintings very ably illustrate his considerable talent and skill at both.

Done in realistic style, they capture a tranquillity and peacefulness of subject, whether a still life or nude in repose, that speak of contentment and refuge from the busyness of life – they are quite simply, beautiful. Quite apart from the often sensuous, depiction of the female form and the wonderful skin-tone achieved, Walter has an amazing capacity to portray fabric, with folds and shadows that bring an almost photographic quality to the work. Yet, importantly, these are not photographs, they are very obviously paintings, and quite splendid works of art.