Michael McManus

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Michael McManus was born and brought up in Dalkeith and has lived and worked in the Lothians all his life.

He left school to immediately begin work in a craft that had been his calling from a very early age, simply loving the creative satisfaction that he derived from carving, shaping and finishing natural wood. He has been a professional woodcarver sculptor for over 20 years.

Michael has exhibited his creations widely, mainly in his native Scotland, but also at Shows in England where he has participated in Garden Exhibitions and specific Design Fairs. He has exhibited at the RSA and latterly at the VAS exhibition in The Mound, Edinburgh. He also participated in a documentary TV programme in 2010 and featured in Newsnight Scotland.

Sourcing his wood mostly locally, Michael has taken his woodcarving beyond standard craftsmanship and focuses on sculpting his pieces to the extent that they are truly considered works of art. His range of product is wide and covers large outdoor sculptures that feature in landscape gardens as well as smaller more intricate ornamental works suitable for indoor display.

He never finishes his pieces with paintwork, instead bringing out as an entirely unique feature, the natural grain of the wood selected. Special oils are used throughout the finishing process, with hand polishing as appropriate. Each piece is entirely original highlighting the unique and individual grain pattern of the piece of wood being worked on. Michael selects his wood carefully and with the design of the sculpture very much in mind – Elm, Sycamore, Cherry, Cedar, Oak, Beech, Yew and Lime are used as is Elm burr.

As a gallery we are very discerning as to the quality of work we bring in, and especially so in the area of sculpture. The high finish, beautiful design work and obvious master craftsmanship that was and is evident in the woodcarvings of Michael McManus meant that he was an instant choice for exhibiting with us.