Marion Drummond

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Marion Drummond was born Glasgow in 1958, and has lived in Scotland all her life.

She is largely self taught as an artist and over the years has developed a strong and mature style that has made her work popular with enthusiasts and collectors alike. As is often the case with natural talent it transcends the sometimes limiting strictures of formal teaching and Marion’s painting has a freedom of interpretation and application that is admired greatly by many, both from within and without the contemporary art scene.

She likes to combine her love of walking with painting al fresco, capturing life in all its moments of urgency and immediacy. Marion is an accomplished still life and floral artist as well as producing sought after landscapes full of mood and atmosphere. Her versatility is a feature of her work and she can comfortably switch subject matter to produce stunning figurative pieces.

She works mainly in oils and enjoys the medium for the intensity that can be gained through working with cloth rags and bare fingers.

Marion says she is influenced by a number of artists but greatly admires the work of Stephen Carruthers, Jenny Saville and Enid Foote Watts.

She has exhibited widely in recent years and is popular in a growing number of commercial galleries where collectors seek out her shows. She has held a number of very successful solo exhibitions in selected Galleries in various centers throughout Scotland.

She has exhibited in the Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI) and the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh (RSA).