Maggie Vance was born and brought up in the East End of Glasgow. She studied art, drawing and painting at Glasgow School of Art and graduated in the early 60’s. She then went on to Teacher Training at Jordanhill and began her teaching career back in her home territory of Glasgow’s East End.

Teaching adolescents art in that part of Glasgow gave her a strong affection for the humour and lifestyle of those parts and this became a feature of her painting in later years.

Maggie moved to Edinburgh and her teaching moved on to adult education as well as primary school children while raising her own family.

She travelled extensively throughout Europe, recording encounters with people and places, particularly with an eye for the humorous, and reflected this in her artistic work.

Maggie paints with an observant eye and her watercolours are accomplished in their detail and colour tones, depicting the subject matter with an instantly recogniseable style and tone. She doesn’t paint to order but rather when the subject matter or moment inspires her. The result is that her work is relatively limited in original form. Her exhibition work is limited to a few galleries only and her paintings are quite sought after.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring Maggie’s work into the gallery, particularly because, as café style interiors they represent a new subject matter to our exhibition space and are full of interest. Her love of this subject matter shows through in her painting and we hope that we will continue to exhibit her work for the foreseeable future.