Lesley Mclaren

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Lesley McLaren was born in Glasgow in 1959. She studied art at Maidstone College of Art and Design and then subsequently at Exeter College of Art and Design where she graduated BA (Hons) Painting.

She worked as an Archealogical illustrator and then as an illustrator of children’s books for a number of years before becoming an artist painter on a full time basis in 2000.

Lesley has been exhibiting steadily through a number of galleries throughout the UK and has established a strong reputation among a growing collector base.

Lesley paints from memories, stories and feelings. This often gives her work an ethereal quality, seldom depicting specific real geographical locations, but more evolved from the mind and spirit. She collects images from camera, sketchbooks, and from memory references, often merging them into an imaginary composition that gives narrative or puzzlement to the viewer.

Her more recent work of birds and wildlife is highly representational and beautifully crafted, and we are delighted to welcome Lesley back to the gallery after a two-year absence.