John Von Wiese

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John von Wiese was introduced to the Gullane Art Gallery by his friend and fellow sculptor Mike Davies. They both originate from Cape Town, South Africa.

John was born in Cape Town and studied textile design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. His early years were spent among the African bushveld wildlife and his plentiful access to the wild and natural of Limpopo River left him with experiences that created a deep empathy for the veld and all her creatures.

These strong core experiences and his passion for fine art bronzing inspire and motivate John’s sculpting.

He has worked for over 10 years in the fine art bronze industry and having established his own foundry in Cape Town, he has worked with many of the countries finest bronze artists thereby gaining much creative inspiration as well as the facility to closely observe others technique, style and finish. The roaring of a different beast has captivated him; that of a foundry’s furnace.

John’s range of work is truly impressive and given that they are produced directly from his own foundry called Cape Bronze adds to the originality of the pieces.

We are proud to be involved so closely with John von Weise’s launch in to the UK and delighted to receive his first ever work for the UK in our The Gullane Masters exhibition.