Claire Harrigan was born in Kilmarnock in 1964. As a child she grew up with both parents as art teachers and talented practising painters – her mother being a respected botanical artist and her father being James Harrigan the popular landscape artist. Her childhood environment was therefore full of creative stimulation and highly inspirational.

Claire studied art at Glasgow School of Art from 1982 – 86 graduating BA Hons in Fine Art (Drawing and Painting). She very quickly came to the attention of the Glasgow based art galleries and set up studio to become a full time artist. Her early exhibitions proved successful and demand for her work grew steadily.

Her first solo show was staged at the Macualay Gallery at Stenton and this was repeated every two years until 1997. Since then and over the years, her solo shows have been a major feature of her work schedule alternating every two years between prestigious galleries in London and Glasgow with mixed shows also being accommodated in many of the major UK commercial galleries.

Claire has been the recipient of many major awards including The Mary Armour Award at the Glasgow School of Art, The Lily McDougall Award by the Scottish Society Artists and Artist Craftsmen, James Torrance Memorial Award by the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, The Latimer Award by the Royal Scottish Academy, and the Glasgow Arts Club Fellowship award, RSW.

In 1992, Claire became an Elected Professional Member of the Royal Scottish Watercolour Society – RSW. She was listed in “20th Century Painters and Sculptors” by Frances Spalding and then again listed in “Who’s Who in Art” 26th edition published by Art Trade Press Ltd. In 2007 she wrote and had published the book entitled “Abstract and Colour techniques in painting”.

Her painting style is vibrant and bold in use of colour with a high key palette a permanent feature of her work. She paints distinctively with colour and abstract elements working well together in clever and mature compositions. She uses predominantly mixed media with acrylic, watercolour or gouache as a base platform upon which to build imagery in collage, pastel or other media.