Catriona Campbell

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Catriona Campbell was born in Dollar in 1940. Her father, Ian Campbell, was a painter and art teacher and he taught his daughter the importance of observation and the absolute necessity of developing drawing skills.

She studied art at Glasgow School of Art from 1957 – 61, where she was a student of David Donaldson. She learned about how shapes and the spaces between them are vital to composition from her studies of the work of Degas, Uccello,Velazquez and Stanley Spencer and the freedom and painterliness of Joan Eardley's work made a deep impression on her. Having won the Somerville Shanks for portraiture at the end of her second year, she was encouraged to think that she might have some ability by David Donaldson who was to be her teacher for the next two years. She graduated in 1961.

Catriona combined teaching in various primary and secondary schools and then in special education in Edinburgh and Fife with bringing up two children and finally left teaching in 1981 to become a full time painter.

She was elected a professional member of the Scottish Society of Women Artists (now re-named Visual Arts Scotland) in 1986 and subsequently a professional member of Paisley Art Institute.

Catriona has won a number of awards including the Founder's Prize and the Anne Redpath Award from the Scottish Society of Women Artists, and the Morton Fraser Award from Visual Arts Scotland.

Her work has been exhibited at the RSA, the RGI, the PAI and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in London.

Over the years Catriona has had various one-man and shared exhibitions in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and London and in mixed exhibitions in all these places and in the Cotswolds. Her paintings are held in both public and private collections in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Hong Kong.